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About Me

Cloudstream Data Services, formally SOHOS Network, Inc. was founded by Mike Hays in 1994. His love for learning about the Internet and assisting others to succeed in their businesses contributed to the expansion of Cloudstream Data Services. He excelled in application solutions and gained a reputation for delivering results.

Mike Hays, owner, and co-founder of Cloudstream Data Services was honored in 2008 as a ‘Web Visionary’ for his role in technology and web services for Celebration Centre, Frisco, TX.

They stated, “Mike Hays is a forward thinker, someone who identifies what is possible in the future and brings it to happen in the here and now. He identifies critical needs and delivers services to and contributes key technology understanding and time to making the growing online community of CCC a better place to be. He has been a primary leader in a complete restructure of the CCC website. Behind the scenes, he has provided key instruction and training, his time and his resources to develop a new foundation for success for CCC’s web community. He has done this with a smile and a ‘can do’ attitude.”

On March 27, 2009, Mike won the ‘Web Warrior’ category at an Academy Award-like event in Frisco, Texas.  It was stated, “Mike Hays has to lead the charge in implementing new web technologies, researching and building solutions that will allow CCC to grow in its Internet ministry. He has been instrumental in transitioning all our Internet properties to new systems, always with a pleasant smile and a great attitude.”

His wife, Marian, is owner of Cloudstream Press,  an information marketing and communications company, and founder of, a collection of ideas, resources and how-to’s to reach and change lives.  Since 1988, Marian has contracted with established and start-up companies, ultimately guiding others in growing their businesses. Marian was a business coach for Wealth Alliance Group, an international information marketing training company and became a Certified Trainer and Couples Coach for the Kendall Life Languages™ profile in 2008. This communications profile helps individuals and groups understand themselves and each other better, and minimize conflict. She also writes on a broad range of subjects with the aim of inspiring others to take action and discover their own positive results.

Together with their teams, they provide expertise from strategic planning, vision/mission work, SWOT analysis and technology consulting and services.  Mike and Marian have a reputation for being well informed, intuitive, and willing to go the extra mile.  Mike’s Internet savvy and web development skills and Marian’s passion for helping others, experience in communication training, and being an experienced entrepreneur, have helped others generate millions of dollars in online business revenue.

“We were born for success but get programmed for failure.
We help people re-focus on their successes!”